LLC "PGM - Urban Hardlandscapes"

Stone products

The company LLC “PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes” provides the development of projects and production of road coatings, coating materials, special elements and urban furniture supplied in a timely manner with strict quality control of materials and calibration of products.

We can design, produce and supply any elements used in the urban space: plates, paving stones, paving tiles and stone, side stones, flowerpots, etc.

Urban landscaping elements

Our company can offer many variations of elements of urban furniture, while combining different materials in a single product. Thanks to high-tech approach to this question we use high strength glass and metals, which in combination with granite, basalt, porphyry and other materials to create attractive finishes of the surfaces and elements of urban furniture.

The company LLC “PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes” offers a wide range of possibilities. We guarantee that the new items will be at a high technical level and to meet the aesthetic expectations of the Customer.


Our company has the ability to produce and deliver ventilated facades, stairs, flooring, cladding materials for exterior and interior walls, as well as any kind of moldings and special details created for individual projects.


The company LLC “PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes” allows you to choose different materials, colors and textures. Our knowledge and experience is always at Your service. Our production system includes sophisticated equipment for cutting any type of road surface, metal and glass, regardless of the complexity of parts and materials.