LLC "PGM - Urban Hardlandscapes"

LLC «Pression Group Management – Urban Hardlandscapes» is one of the largest manufacturers and one of a few suppliers of all-composite structures in Russia. Our products have received a wide application in roads, civil and industrial construction.

The company “PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes” is a reliable partner for its key customers demanding innovative solutions.

Our priorities:

  • Quality
  • Customer focus
  • Cost-effectiveness


All-composite products are products made of composite materials, which do not include in their structure elements of other materials such as metal, reinforced concrete, wood or other.

When composite construction contains metallic joining and fastening elements, it present a hybrid structure and has other operational characteristics. The service life of such constructions is limited to a service life of its weakest element subjected to corrosion.


Our strategic objective is to further develop the high-tech manufacture of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structures that allow for significant reduction of maintenance costs during their service life, to increase the demand by rising awareness of this material advantages and to introduce quality standards for its application. Meeting these objectives forms a foundation for developing our market segment of all-composites constructions.”

Boris Mandrik-Kotov

General Director of LLC “PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes”

Our mission is based on:

  • developing and expanding our product range. We continuously improve the quality of our products, adopt innovative technologies and search for whole new technical solutions. Our constructions are unique in our market segment that insures long-term competitive advantage.
  • rising quality standards for the end-product. We work on development of the regulatory framework in terms of quality of composite products applied in civil, industrial and road construction.
  • market development. We strive to increase production and construction volume for each product item in the territory of the Russian Federation as the most efficient alternative for steel concrete and metal.
  • sustainability. We produce environmentally friendly products that do not cause any damage the environment during their production and service life.

LLC «PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes» is an active participant of the state sub-program “Development of composite materials and derivative products”, included in the state program of the Russian Federation №328 “Development of production sector and rising its competitiveness”, approved by Resolution of the Russian Government dated 15.04 .2014.


Our contribution

desert_roadWe produce high quality products with a focus on future generations.

LLC «PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes» actively takes part in the sub-programme “Development of composite material production and derived products” of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of industry and its competitive recovery” by working on introduction of common quality standards for products of composite materials applied in road, civil and industrial construction.

Thus on May 25, 2016 State Company “Russian Highways” has signed a directive on approval and enactment of organization standart AVTODOR 2.24-2016 (СТО АВТОДОР 2.24-2016) “Recommendations for the design, construction and operation of composite structures: fences, stair approaches, gateway, gutters on artificial road constructions that are under the state-owned company «Avtodo»” that has been prepared together with LLC «PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes».

Why «PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes»

ограждениеIn Russia «PGM – Urban Hardlandscapes» is one of a few manufacturers that supply all-composite constructions excluding elements of other materials. It ensures a long life-cycle of our products and eliminates all maintenance costs that occur as a consequence of corrosion.

Main characteristics of our all-composite products:

  • EFFICINECY. Our products do not rust or spoil over time and thus do not require any maintenance.
  • DURABILITY. Service life is over 50 years.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE even in most severe environments including salt, acids, microorganisms and chemicals.
  • HIGH STRENGTH of composite materials is correspondent to analogical parameters of metal structures.
  • EASY INSTALLATION. Lightness of the structure significantly simplifies transportation and assembly process while also reduces pressure on such constructions as bridges and stairs.

Our Partners

ЕвроТрансСтрой LLC “EvroTransStroy” (OOO “ETS”) is a fast growing company specializing in construction of objects of any complexity, reconstruction and major repairs of roads, bridges, pipes, retaining walls and other transportation structures in different climatic, hydrological and geological conditions.
Институт гипростроймост JSC “Institute Giprostroymost” is one of the leading Russian companies in bridge design and design of transportation facilities. The Institute is a member of the International and the Russian bridge builders association.
ВАД Closed Joint Stock Company “VAD” was founded in 1994. The company is licensed by the State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation and performs all kinds of work in the road sector for design, construction, reconstruction, repair, maintenance of roads of all categories, and acts as a general contractor on large construction sites
Автобан Open Joint Stock Company “Road construction company Autobahn” incorporates road construction companies in the European part of Russia and Western Siberia – the company with half a century of experience in road construction that started under the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR.
Мототрест “Mostotrest” specializes in construction and reconstruction of road, railway and urban bridges, roads and other civil engineering projects. It also provides services for operation, maintenance and repair of roads and bridges, and invests in infrastructure projects.
Автодор State Company “Russian Highways” (“Avtodor”) was established and operates in order to perform customer functions in design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul and maintenance of all roads that belong to the State company.
Росавтодор Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor) is a federal executive body that performs functions on rendering state services and managing state property in the sphere of road transportation and road infrastructure as well as functions related to provision in this field.
Гео-проект LLC “GEO PROJECT” is a planning and surveying institute working in the field of transport construction.

Business dimensions:

complex designing of objects of road transport infrastructure, design of roads, bridges, road junctions and overpasses, engineering networks of all categories;
reconstruction and repair (including capital repairs);
all kinds of engineering studies;
conducting geological and geodetic monitoring of landslide systems
Центр Дорпроект Engineering Group “Strojproect” is one of the leading organizations in the field of road design, control of construction works, and transport planning. The main activity lines of the organization include integrated design of transport facilities and roads, managing design of complex and unique traffic facilities, engineering and consulting services, laboratory testing and diagnostics of building structures, transport planning, etc.
СтройПроект The main spheres of company’s specialization embrace architecture, design and engineering, geological exploration and geophysical works, geodetic and cartographic activities, activities in the field of standardization and metrology, activities in the field of hydrometeorology and related areas.