LLC "PGM - Urban Hardlandscapes"
Composite H-beam profiles

H-beam is a profile with an H-shaped cross-section. Composite H-beam profiles are used in the construction of bridges, residential building floors, and shore reinforcement.

Round fiberglass pipes are one of the most commonly used profiles, both in various structures and as stand-alone elements. Fiberglass round profiles are used in various industrial fields, in autonomous structures, as well as in connecting nodes and elements. They are mainly used as protective structures.

Rectangular pipes have a wide range of applications - they are used in bridge construction, road fence construction, coastal zone improvement, stair and service platforms and platforms.

Composite rods are used in the construction of screeds, flooring, road surfaces, as well as in the production of fences, shield frame structures with low loads. This type of rod is suitable for the production of concrete, gypsum, and silicate structures.